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Minimalistic look at Mental Disorders

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from me to you

Today I got to help my friend, Sunshine, with his clothing company, P1124, as they boothed at the 626 night market. He recently started a line called Generosity Gang and the idea behind these articles of clothing is to pass it on to someone else who likes it or who needs it more than you do and to inspire generosity and encourage kindness. If you do and you share the story with him on his website, he will replace it for free. Initially when Sunshine came out with this line, I wasn’t too mindblown by this idea has always been part of his company. 

But today, as I was sharing this vision with people passing by, they were so surprised and intrigued by this idea. There were these 3 high schoolers that were really moved by this idea and they hung out by our booth for a good 30 minutes talking to us and bringing their friends to our booths to hear our story as well; a girl bought a shirt even though we didn’t have her size because she “was going to give it away anyway.” Throughout the day, there were stories similar to these of people being blown away by this idea of kindness and paying it forward. I began to realize how little I pay attention to kindness on a daily basis and how this line and this idea behind it is revolutionary. 

The way that people reacted and how excited people were caused me to see that kindness is not common for people to think about on a regular basis. It’s not something that is incorporated into our everyday lives. We have become a very self-centered generation where we always want to be number 1, so this idea of putting others first and being number 2 was refreshing for many. 

I hope that everyone who purchased something today will take on the challenge and give it to someone else for the mere sake of being kind. No strings attached. I hope that everyone that got to hear our story or stopped by our booth was encouraged to go out and do something to inspire generosity in whatever way that might look. Today definitely reminded me to make generosity a bigger part of my life. I hope that when people encounter generosity and kindness, it’s not a crazy, unheard-of-thing but that it’ll grow to be a part of our everyday life and we take it and pay it forward. 

From the wise words of one of my favorite youtubers, “Can you imagine if we all tried to out-kind each other, how f*cking great the world would be?” And I hope that this becomes the norm of life.

It starts with me and it starts with you. 

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#GospelCover :: Episode 2 :: Chicago :: #AltJ

omg this is great


Joshua Januardy
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The Naked and Famous // In Rolling Waves tour
August 22, 2014
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The Naked and Famous // In Rolling Waves tour

August 22, 2014

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For 6 and a half weeks, I was without a car. And it was really rough. But this past month and a half has shown me the things that I take for granted. I didn’t really need my car but I really wanted my car. It was hard trying to hang out with people, I felt pretty handicapped and extremely bothersome asking people but it taught me about my wants vs my needs. It reminded me that the things I want should be things I need. Those 6 weeks also taught me to be more careful when I drive and having a car and driving is not something I’m entitled to. I gotta earn it. 

see you in november heh
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see you in november heh

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Kodaline // Latch (Disclosure cover)

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